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Les Champs d’Avaux restaurant

A refined culinary experience in the heart of nature

Located in Bouaye, just a few minutes from Nantes, Restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux invites you to discover gourmet cuisine prepared using local, seasonal produce.

The restaurant’s elegant, welcoming setting overlooks the gardens and offers a bright, peaceful atmosphere. In fine weather, take advantage of the terrace to enjoy your meals in the heart of nature, facing the duck pond.

Chef Sylvain Philippe, a true craftsman of flavours, draws his inspiration from the culinary treasures of the region. He works with his team to offer an eco-committed cuisine that highlights fresh, tasty produce from short supply chains.

Restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux is open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday, and for lunch on Sundays.

A short menu & a “market” menu to suit all tastes

Discover an inventive and tasty cuisine that highlights the culinary delights of the region with the market menu, which changes with the seasons.

The market menu is available in a 3-course version at €30 or a 2-course version at €23. A children’s menu is also available.

The restaurant’s partners and products

An ode to local flavours

Restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux places great importance on working with talented local producers and artisans to offer you an authentic, high-quality culinary experience.

Our partners :

Beef fillet: We rigorously select beef fillet from cattle farms in the Pays de la Loire (49/44/72) to guarantee tender, flavoursome meat.

Crayfish from Lac de Grand Lieu: we offer crayfish caught by Dominique Guillet in Lac de Grand Lieu, a real local gastronomic treasure.

Quinoa rouge d’Anjou : Proud to support local agricultural innovation, we are delighted to offer you quinoa rouge d’Anjou, the first red quinoa produced in France, grown with passion in the heart of Anjou.

Dame Cerise: Dame Cerise’s homemade jams, made with quality fruit, spices and flowers, add a touch of gourmet Breton savoir-faire to our desserts.

By enjoying our dishes, you’re helping to support the local economy. Thank you for your commitment!

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