Seminar and reception at the Champ d’Avaux

The possibility of booking to better prepare your event

Company seminars are not events that can be organised on the spur of the moment. They require a maximum of preparation time in order to gather the necessary resources. Also, they must not impact on the functioning of the entity. For this reason, it is important to find the ideal moment, which is advantageous for both the employees and the company. By booking with Champs d’Avaux, you can avoid any unforeseen events.

It guarantees you customised services in advance. The individual parts are prepared and customised according to your needs. This is a real time and money saver for the company. The different programmes for the realisation of the seminar can be calmly studied for the success of the event. All these preparations guarantee lasting memories for the various participants.

In conclusion, company seminars are of paramount importance for any type of organisation. Gastronomy is an essential part of these events, so it is wise to consider a hotel restaurant such as Les Champs d’Avaux. The establishment combines all the assets of a hotel and a restaurant. It will be able to provide the appropriate spaces and materials for the success of your event. However, your budget is a determining factor in the range of the establishment and the services provided.

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Les Champs d’Avaux is a place of transit accessible to all public, whether private or professional. The hotel restaurant is located near Nantes airport. This accessibility allows participants to make less effort to get to the meeting place. In addition, a large car park is available for guests. With a friendly welcome, Les Champs d’Avaux offers tailor-made accommodation and catering.

The hotel restaurants are free to enter

Services are offered according to your budget, whether you are a small, medium or large company. The range of the hotel restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux, as well as the size of the room reserved, are used as a reference in determining the rates. In other words, budgets are studied in proportion to demand. A 3-star establishment could be ideal for a seminar between employees or business partners.

Comfortable rooms and great facilities

Indeed, the hotel restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux has everything you need for a successful seminar. What could be better than 5 modular rooms with a total surface area of 200 m2 for your professional meeting in Nantes? The size of these rooms depends on the number of participants in the seminar. As for the equipment, the Champs d’Avaux spares you any logistical problems as it offers microphones, overhead projectors and paperboards. These rooms are fully equipped with screens, flip charts, video projectors and even free wifi access. Other specific equipment such as sound systems, podiums, lecterns and televisions can be provided on request. This saves you time and logistical costs. It is still up to you to check that the rental rates for this equipment are included in the budget. It is also possible to personalise the different areas according to the theme of your event. A decoration service will bring your imagination to life for an additional fee.
They can be used to host study daystraining daysrecruitment exercisesproduct presentationsAGMslecturesshowroom displays….
The function rooms are located on the ground floor and have air conditioning, with views over the gardens and the pool.

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An opportunity for gastronomic discovery

In addition to being working days, company seminars are also gastronomic experiences. They allow all employees present to discover other cultures and other culinary recipes. They are excellent moments of sharing that will allow you to get to know your employees better. They make it easy for you to determine the ideal motivation points to boost their results. For this, you need a professional restaurateur and this is what the hotel restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux offers you. With a qualified staff, they will take care of your lunches, coffee breaks and dinners.

These hotels usually offer a wide range of menus in a private room. This means that you don’t have to travel long distances to satisfy your hunger after the meetings. The hotel restaurant is also the place to be if your seminar has a culinary theme. Each member of staff will be transformed into a chef to showcase his or her culinary skills. At the same time, a seminar in Nantes can be the occasion for an oenological discovery. All the guests will be able to share a common experience around the wine heritage of France and the city. In other words, the company seminar and gastronomy form an inseparable pair.

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Adequate relaxation areas

Company seminars are also moments of relaxation for both managers and employees. They allow them to get away from the usual routine and stress. It is proof that the company cares about the well-being of its staff. The hotel restaurant Les Champs d’Avaux is the perfect place to hold your business seminar.

Indeed, most hotel restaurants offer relaxation areas. These may include swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa, garden, etc. Massage rooms are also available depending on your budget. The gym is always available in the hotel to facilitate the daily sports activities of your employees. These moments of relaxation are also intended to optimise and improve exchanges between participants. They also allow them to clear their minds and revitalise their psyche.

So the seminar will not be boring.